Carbon Fiber Expanding Lug Shafts
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DLB-2000 Carbon Fiber Core Shafts

Lightweight carbon fiber core shafts minimize shaft weight in unwind and rewind converting applications.


  • Meet OSHA standards for minimizing operator lifting injuries.
  • Replace heavy steel shafts without sacrificing strength or stiffness.
  • Double E pioneered the use of carbon fiber as a shaft housing material in 1986. Tens of thousands of Double E carbon fiber shafts are being used by converters all over the world.

Double E carbon fiber core shafts (three-inch and six-inch models)



DLB-2000 Carbon Fiber Core Shafts - Features, Advantages and Benefits


Carbon Fiber Shaft Housing Lightweight Fewer shaft handling injuries lower worker’s compensation expenses and non-productive time.

Meet regulations for single person lifting.
Better ergonomics No maintenance or jamming, no contamination.
  Less deflection Reduced vibration and less roll bounce.

Heavier roll weights.
  Higher critical speed More throughput.
Protective Outer Sleeve Protects carbon fiber
shaft from abrasion.
Longer carbon fiber
shaft life.
Proprietary Bladder Stretches less than traditional
Dependable lug collapse ensures
consistent, easy removal of shaft from spent cores
More resistant to
heat, punction, and abrasion.
Far less bladder failure
and minimized maintenance.
Springless Lugs No springs to break and puncture bladder. Longer bladder life; less maintenance
Diamond pattern gripping surface with large surface area Better grip with less
Custom Journals No press fit facilitates
journal removal.
Bladder replacement,
though rare, is quick and easy.
DLB-2000 Carbon Fiber Shaft Components

Components of the Double E Company DLB-2000 (Dura-Light) carbon fiber core shafts 

  1. Carbon fiber shafts have stainless steel air valves that will not corrode.
  2. Easy-access journal fastening system (no press fit).
  3. Gripping lugs.
  4. Proprietary corded polyprene bladder material minimizes bladder failure and subsequent maintenance.
  5. Carbon fiber shaft housing can provide stiffness and strength equal to steel at a fraction of the weight.
  6. Metal sleeve protects carbon fiber shaft housing from abrasion.
  7. Hardened steel journals custom made to fit any machine. 
CF-1000 Dura-Light Non-Expanding Carbon Fiber Shafts (Through Shafts)

Double E CF-1000 carbon fiber through shaft

  • Used with core chucks to provide a lightweight shaft assembly
Dura-Light Mechanical Carbon Fiber Expanding Lug Shafts

  • For high speed and/or heavyweight applications requiring maximum torque capacity and minimum vibration.
  • Mechanical design provides the most powerful gripping force possible.
  • Activated by turning a crank (or impact wrench) that is inserted into the end of a journal.
  • Requires just five cranks for full expansion – lugs rise concentrically to center the carbon fiber shaft in the core, minimizing the roll bounce common with other types of expanding shafts.
  • Mechanical and Pneumatic/Mechanical Shafts are also available in Double E's traditional steel design.

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