Lightweight, large-diameter core plugs for the tissue industry - model CP-2000 from Double E International

Core Plugs

Core Plugs for the Tissue Industry

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Large-diameter, lightweight core inserts for holding tissue or nonwovens jumbo rolls for converting.

Core plugs / core inserts for tissue converting
  • Simple, lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy handling by a single operator.
  • Ergonomic yet robust.
CP-2000 Ultra Lightweight Core Plugs with Advanced Hybrid Composite Design

Double E Company CP-2000 lightweight core plugs for the tissue industry.

CP-2000 core plugs are Double E's recommended solution for processing large and heavy tissue reels. These core plugs feature a one-piece ultra-lightweight, yet extremely robust, design. Advanced materials offer drastic weight reduction while maintaining high strength and durability.

  • Cast nylon or wound composite outer body.
  • Lightweight carbon fiber carrier beam.
  • U.H.M.W. polymer journal.
  • Extremely light in weight for easy lifting and handling.
  • Single-step insertion.
CP-1000 Core Plugs

Double E Company CP-1000 core plugs for the tissue industry.Patented one-piece design uses a heat-treated steel body, carbon fiber carrier beam, and U.H.M.W. polymer journal

  • Easy handling, single-step insertion.
  • Lighter than most existing plugs.
  • Durable, high-strength solution.
  • Least expensive Double E core plug.

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