Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Converter Upgrades from Old Hydraulic System to a More Accurate and Flexible Automatic System

Double E recently worked with a converter of packaging and specialty printing material that runs a variety of web widths and materials with a range of high and low tensions. The company had a situation where they needed more efficiency and flexibility with their old Cameron slitter rewinder. The machine used a hydraulic system that proved difficult to maintain since it needed regular servicing and became expensive to operate due to the power to the motor and regular fluid changes. The hydraulic braking system was big and sized for the largest possible roll; every job was setup at the maximum brake setup and would often lose control of the tension. Another problem involved the shaft, which had to be coupled to the braking system every time it needed to be loaded and unloaded. The shaft was then crudely clamped down and if the operator neglected to clamp down the shaft then there was possibility of the roll slipping causing damage to the machine, material and possibly injuring the operator. The customer also had problems with their hydraulic web guiding system which could only edge guide. A better system was needed to slit material reference to a printed line instead of the edge to minimize rejects resulting from material being cut too far or close to the printed line.

To solve these issues, Double E engineered an unwind stand that would replace the unwinding section of the customer's Cameron machine. This stand featured a lightweight DG-2000 aluminum bladder shaft that would grip the core evenly rather than using cone chucks to hold the material which can rip out the core and loosen the roll during winding. The shaft was held in place by flange mounted safety chucks that provided a safe way to lock the shaft into the winder. To provide the needed tension a Re CX.250 pneumatic brake was installed. This brake would allow the customer to turn on and off the calipers of the brake depending on the type of material being wound giving them flexibility and control. The tension control system was then upgraded to an automatic closed loop system using load cells and a new line guiding system was introduced. This would allow the customer to better regulate the winding and eliminate any issues with excess slack or stretching of the material.

The new upgrade to the customer's Cameron winder provided the customer with an efficient system that could make corrections in real time thanks to the upgraded automatic tension control and line guiding system. Safety was also achieved with Double E's smaller lightweight shafts coupled to safety chucks that lock the shafts into place. This new system would also provide cost savings with less material waste. Since the old hydraulic system was eliminated, there would also be additional cost savings due to the elimination of maintenance costs. 

The customer was very pleased with this new upgrade to their machine but what they were especially pleased with was the quick turn around on this project. Since Double E had a similar "CL" (closed loop) model already available, with some slight modifications the stand was able to be delivered in only two weeks time. This allowed the customer to fulfill the obligations with their customers.