Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Success Stories

Corrugating Plant Overcomes Problems Associated with Core Quality with Double E’s EHDL Core Chuck

Double E's DF-2000 core chuck is used by the large majority of corrugators throughout the USA, and in fact, all over the world. It has been the industry standard for over three decades.

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Wrapping Paper Maker Converts Shafted Turret Winder into a Shaftless Turret Winder

One of the largest wrapping paper makers in the country sought the help of Double E regarding core extraction issues they were having on one of their production lines. This line was using a turret winder with strip shafts.

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Producer of Corrugated Cartons Increases Efficiency of Narrow Roll Applications

With more than 400 customers, often with very specific demands about their products,a manufacturer of corrugated cartons needed a solution for handling narrow rolls (less than 48-inches wide) of Kraft paper.

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Maker of Sensitive Flexible Material Alleviates Tension & Bounce Issues with Double E SRS-2000

Double E had the pleasure of working with maker of holographic flexible material used for packaging DVDs and other products.

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Double E Extends the Life of Customer’s Turret Winder Machine

Double E often has direct replacements to make upgrading from other manufacturer's chucks simple, but even when a retrofit is more challenging, Double E applies its experience and expertise to solve problems for its customers.

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Air Bag Manufacturer Alleviates Safety Concerns with Pneumatic Safety Chuck

Double E had the pleasure of helping one of the world's leading manufacturers of automobile air bags with a safety concern they were having. The safety chucks on the customer's unwind stand are approximately seven feet above the factory floor.

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Producer of Roofing Material Improves Slitting Quality and Safety with Gold Holders

A producer of roofing material that uses an offline slitter for roofing paper was concerned with their old OEM knife holders which were producing an inconsistent cut quality due to the holders creating vibration at the cut point from instability.

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Heavy Duty Knife Holder Solves Stability Problems for Heavyweight Paper Producer

A producer of 200Ib specialty paper approached Double E about concerns regarding the instability of their Tidland class III holders at the cut point.

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Label Supplier Upgrades to New Slitting System with Removable Digital Readout

One of the largest pressure-sensitive roll label suppliers in the country approached Double E with concerns about the slitting section on one of their production lines. They were not happy with the setup of their current holders and the quality of the cut the slitters were producing.

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Tissue Manufacturer Improves Cut Quality with Mario Cotta “Gold” Series

The Double E Company has worked closely with many customers over the years regarding solutions to slitting dilemmas. Recently a customer in the tissue industry came to Double E looking to upgrade from the tried and true Mario Cotter PPS model to a newer knife holder.

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Specialty Paper Maker Upgrades to New Fully Automatic “Expando” Slitting System

Double E recently worked with a customer who was having inefficiency problems with one of their slitting sections. The company is a producer of technical, filter, and specialty papers that runs a variety of materials and setups for a wide range of customers.

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Wrapping Paper Maker Keeps Production Line Running at Optimum Efficiency

Recently the Double E Company worked with a customer that converts wrapping paper with various thicknesses. The production manager was having cut quality problems with the company's old OEM knife holders and parts availability problems with replacement holders that the company had purchased not too long ago.

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Bag Maker Improves Quality & Saves Money with Better Trimmed Edge

Producer of Laminates and Performance Films Increases Capacity and Cut Quality with Retrofit Section

A producer of laminates and performance films used for tents, banners, movie screens and pool liners approached Double E with a problem they were having.

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Producer of Plastic Netting Upgrades Unwind Stands with Simple Retrofit System

Recently a producer of plastic netting for the construction and packaging industry approached Double E regarding their unwind system. The customer uses unwind stations to feed film into their knitting machines. These unwind stations were found to be very inefficient due to the time it took to load and unload the rolls.

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Digital Printer Adds Center Cut Slitting Digital Press

Double E recently helped one of the world's largest commercial printing companies meet a new slitting requirement for one of its clients. The printer uses a Xeikon digital web press for special projects that run an 80 Ib., 20" wide web material at a speed of 40 feet per minute. The press did not have any slitting capabilities, but the new project required the material to be slit into two 9.5" sections.

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Producer of Plastic Sheets Upgrades Production Line with Retrofit Double Unwind Stand

Double E has always taken pride in applying its experience and expertise to help customer's upgrade their existing converting machine to perform more efficiently and provide a higher level of safety for their operators.

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Nip Feed Station used with Die Cutting Machine

Recently the Double E Company worked with a customer that converts products for the transportation industry. The customer had a laser cutting machine that pulls material off of an unwind roll using mechanical grippers and stepper motors. Unfortunately, a new material being used during the converting process was very stiff with a high tension. The laser cutting machine was found not strong enough to pull the material off of the roll which slowed production down.

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