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"ReLink" Web Guiding Systems

Offset pivot guides, steering rolls, or shifting actuators to keep web material properly aligned during processing. Edge guiding, center guiding, or line guiding are all possible with Re web guides.

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All Double E / Re web guides separate the RK31 interface controller from the MWG61 driver. This separation allows many improvements over conventional web guide systems.


  • One remote controller directs up to 10 web guides.
  • A single cable connecting the devices and short cables to actuators reduce electrical noise and wiring time.
  • 24VDC power, so no UL or CSA certification is needed.
  • One user-friendly remote controller directs up to 10 web guides.
  • Brushless DC stepper motors ensure accuracy.
Edge Guiding | Center Guiding | Line Guiding available with the following Web Guide Types

Pivot Frame Web Guiding Systems Series WG

Re web guide model WG offset pivot frame

  • This system utilizes two parallel rolls positioned where maximum precision is required, with the sensor placed just after the output roll.
  • Puts least amount of stress on the web material.
  • Most precise.

Shifting Actuator Web Guiding Systems Series AT

Re web guide shifting actuator


A simple system which moves the unwind or rewind station, together with the roll, to keep the material aligned.

  • Unwind or rewind stations.
  • Thrust force up to 770 lbs (350 Kg).
  • Stroke distance of 2", 4", or 8" (50, 100, or 200 mm).
  • Flange or base mounting styles.
  • Add modern controls to any currentmechanically stable pivot frame.
  • Custom A-frame stands with built-in linear bearings and shifting actuator are available.

Steering Rolls Web Guiding Systems Series WR

Re web guide, steering roll type


WR Series web guides utilize rollers which move on an arc around an ideal point of rotation, situated at the beginning of the entering span. The entering span must be long enough to ensure complete correction of the web (three to four times the maximum web width) without damaging the web material.

Web Guide Controllers and Other Accessories

RK31 Remote Web Guide Controller

Re RK31 web guide controller


Controls up to ten web guides simultaneously!

  • Clear, user-friendly LCD display.
  • Simple joystick operation.
  • Step-by-step popup instructions in multiple languages.
  • Compact & removable – mounts on a DIN rail; small enough to put in your pocket!

RK-One Web Guide Controller

Re RK.1 web guiding system controller


  • Simple functions make it quick and easy to use and calibrate.
  • 4-digit display can be easily read, even at a distance.
  • Bar graph indicates the position of the actuator.
  • Available in two versions; built-in or fastened to the wall.

MWG61 Web Guide Driver

Re MWG61 web guide driver


Driver is packaged in one small unit which is mounted directly on the web guide frame or actuator. Disturbance is minimized because cables between the driver, motor, and all sensors are far shorter.


  • Brushless DC Stepper Motors
  • No maintenance – (no brushes).
  • Precise web guiding control (standard = .004” = 0,1 mm).
  • Unlike AC drive web guides, these advanced motors don’t overshoot the established set point so the web stays perfectly aligned.
  • Set point micro-adjustment through controller.
  • Minimized actuator work extends life.

Web Guide Sensors and Sensor Carriers

Re web guide web sensors - infrared (SIR) and ultrasonic (SU) sensors


Infrared (SIR) and Ultrasonic (SU) Sensors

For reading the position of the web's edge.
Ultrasonic for opaque or transparent materials.
Infrared for materials that don't reflect sound waves (like foam)


Re web guiding systems - sensor carrier for infrared or ultrasonic sensors

Used when the position of the sensors is frequently moved, when access is very difficult, or if the material being guided has width variations that exceed the working range of the standard sensor. Carriers allow axial movement of sensors; controlled by the RK31 
or RK-one controller.

Optical (TL.01) Sensors

Optical (TL.01) sensors for Re web guides

  • For controlling a line, color contrast or material edge.
  • Reads lines as thin as 1.5mm.
  • Detects contrast of similar colors (ie. - white on yellow).
  • Sees holograms with high reflection and low contrast.
  • Automatic lamp selection to create maximum contrast.
  • Settable viewing area from 1 to 28mm.
  • Electronic micrometric displacement.
ReCorr Web Guide System for Corrugator Machinery

ReCorr Web Guide System for Corrugator Machinery

The ReCorr bridge guide system is installed on the exit of the corrugator bridge. It is an ideal solution for reducing waste and as a replacement guiding system.


Please click here for more information about the ReCorr corrugator bridge guide system.

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