Slitter Positioning Systems
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Mario Cotta slitter positioning systems range in complexity from simple manual adjustment to fully automatic operation with web in or out. Double E and Mario Cotta engineers will help you to determine the proper system to meet your needs.


Mario Cotta fully automatic slitter positioning systemsThe Aurora system on linear rail is a tangential slitting system composed of knife holders and individual driven anvils linked by a drift pin. This link allows for quick, precise, and simultaneous repositioning of upper and lower slitters. The Aurora system is offered in manual, digitally assisted, and fully automatic versions. Automatic positioning is done through an intuitive control panel with precise locational feedback through MTS (magneto-restrictive postion sensors). MTS technology ensures accuracy up to .006”. The “Auretta” bottom knife has two cutting edges. When one edge is worn, the ring can be flipped easily to make use of the other edge.


Mario Cotta Expando slitter positioning system with knife shaft





The Expando system knife holders are mounted on linear bracket assemblies. The bottom anvils are mounted to a hardened chromed air shaft which clamps the anvils in place when air is supplied. A double acting linking drift pin on the Expando knife holder allows the knife holder and the shaft mounted anvil to be repositioned simultaneously. The Expando system is offered in manual, digitally assisted, and fully automatic versions. The “Expandette” bottom knife allows easy change of the cutting ring without removing the shaft.


Slitter positioning with drift pin liking of top and bottom slitters.

Linking Drift Pin allows concurrent positioning of the knife holder and anvil.
Slitting systems with Expando bottom anvil (featuring disposable, easy-to-replace cutting ring)Expandette Cutting Ring

Slitting system - Mario Cotta from Double E - model Jolly

The Jolly is a longitudinal slitting system ideal for extruded plastics and laminated materials.


Mario Cotta

The Kobe is specifically designed for trimming the edges of any continuous web material.

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