Nip / Pull Roll Stations
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Nip stations help to precisely set and control line speed. They can easily set up as a material feeder for precise feed lengths. Add nip sections with speed control to establish new tension zones.

Double E Nip Station / Pull Roll Station

Double E Company nip/pull station

The Double E Company manufactures nip roll stations and pull roll stations that you can use to set tension zones or master line speeds. These stations easily synchronize with any section of the production line to help continue production at an even pace.

  • Use of induction motors or servo motors.
  • Siemens motor drivers and controls.
  • Custom touch screen programming.
  • Adjustable nip pressure and options on nip roll coverings.
  • Accommodate a large range of web widths and materials.
  • Integration with existing machine controls.
Nip Feed Station used with Die Cutting Machine

Double E nip feed stationThis nip station is used with a laser cutting machine that pulls material off of an unwind roll using mechanical grippers and stepper motors. It facilitates using a new material which is very stiff and with high tension. The laser cutting machine was found not strong enough to pull the material off of the roll.


This nip feed station synchronizes with the start/stop signal of the laser cutter to allow automatic feeding of the material off of the unwind stand and onto the table of the laser cutter.


This synchronization allows production to continue at an even pace with no material problems.

Large Format Nip / Pull Stand

Double E Company large format, movable nip / pull stand


Double E engineered this unit with the control system mounted directly to the rolling stand, allowing it to be plugged into the process wherever and whenever it is needed.  

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