MCP-2000 Expanding Core Plugs
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Core plugs / core inserts for tissue converting

Double E MCP-2000 Core Plugs are large-diameter, lightweight, two-piece core inserts for holding tissue or nonwovens jumbo rolls for converting.

Double E MCP-2000 Core Plugs are expanding two-piece core inserts for the tissue and nonwovens industry. The MCP-2000's design allows for the gripping elements of the core plug to expand allowing for a tighter grip and better centering on master rolls. This feature also increases efficiency by allowing for larger-than-normal variations in core I.D. and also assists in extending core life/usability. The MCP-2000 is also produced using high-performance components including a carbon-fiber-based activating shaft. This dramatically lowers its weight allowing for easy handling and insertion. These features combine to create an advanced core plug that increases the efficiency in tissue and nonwovens converting applications.

  • Advanced, expanding two-piece design
  • Tighter fit and better centering
  • Allows for variations in core I.D.
  • Helps increase core life/usability
  • High-performance components
  • Carbon fiber-based activation shaft
  • Econaomical when running various core sizes
  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle
  • Increases converting line efficiency
  • Made in the USA
MCP-2000 Core Plugs

Double E Company CP-1000 core plugs for the tissue industry.

Double E MCP-2000 Core Plugs are advanced two-piece core inserts. The MCP-2000's revolutionary design features an activating shaft that when inserted into the core plug body, expands a cage of polymer ribs. As the ribs move out from the core plug body, they create superior gripping power against the core. This feature also affords better centering of the roll and offers a greater tolerance for core I.D. variables.

The MCP-2000 is constructed of a number of advanced components that greatly reduce weight while not sacrificing strength. The use of carbon fiber, UHMW polymer and aluminum result in a lightweight, strong and durable core plug that is easy to handle by one operator. The use of multiple cage sizes  with standard shafts also make the MCP-2000 an economical choice when running multiple core sizes on tissue and nonwovens lines.

  • Advanced, two-piece design
  • Carbon fiber based activating shaft
  • Expanding cage allows for better grip, centering and core I.D. variations
  • UHMW polymer ribs and journal lining for strength and low-wear
  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle
  • Activating shaft can be used with various cage sizes to reduce costs when running lines with multiple core sizes.
  • Increases converting line efficiency
  • Made in the USA

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