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  • Core Cutters

    Double E, along with our partner Appleton Mfg, provides customers with a wide range of core cutters that are legendary in the converting industry for their heavy duty build, dependability, and superior safety. Also, Appleton Mfg. core cutters utilize state-of-the-art technology that ensures every core cut has a precise dimension and the burnished, clean and virtually dust-free “Appleton Cut”.

    Appleton Mfg. offers a full range of core cutting solutions to tackle your core cutting solutions. From semi-automatic core cutters to fully integrated and automated core cutting solutions.

    Today, as a member of the Double E Group, Appleton Mfg. is a fully integrated engineering, design, sales, service and manufacturing firm producing a full range of core cutting systems. Appleton Mfg. remains committed to its heritage of innovation, excellence and exceptional customer service.

    What sets Double E core chucks apart? Double E is focused on providing exceptional service and unparalleled product quality. When you choose Double E, you can be assured that your core chuck will have:

    This heritage, coupled with high-quality products and outstanding product support, are the very reasons why every day there are more Appleton machines cutting cores throughout the world than any other manufacturer.

    Contact us to learn how Double E and our partners can improve your business.