Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck - The World’s Safest Safety Chuck™
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Patent-pending design uses preloaded spring tension to lock the chuck in the closed position.

Have you ever had an operator forget to close a chuck? Are you trying to eliminate pinch points? Double E’s Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck automatically closes when rotation begins.


Featuring Fail-Safe Closing™.

If you are focused on operational safety, Double E’s Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck with exclusive Fail-Safe Closing™ is the answer. You can upgrade any brand of safety chuck.


Auto-Lock™ Self Closing Safety Chuck from Double E



Double E’s Newest Innovation in Web Handling Safety!


  • Double E’s sliding design eliminates pinch points. 

  • Redundant safety features ensure 100% roll security at closing.

  • Flange mount and foot mount designs.

Double E flange mount Auto-Lock™ self-closing safety chuck

Double E’s Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck Delivers Unparalleled Performance and Easy Installation

Ideal Upgrade for Any Traditional Safety Chuck


Double E's Auto-Lock™ Self Closing Safety Chuck


Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck Features:


  • All models include Fail-Safe Closing™ functionality.
  • Exact drop-in replacement for any safety chuck, including obsolete SuperChuck models.
  • Double E’s maintenance-free sliding action is safer, more reliable, and more durable than tilting faceplates. 
  • Easy conversion – upgrade requires no bulky adapter plates. 
  • Available in both foot and flange mount models.
  • No need to modify shaft length or shaft center line height.
  • Double E’s exclusive replaceable inserts with U (square) or V (square-turned-45°) jaws.

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