Appleton A301 Automatic Core Cutter
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Appleton A301 Automatic Core Cutter

Robust and easy-to-use, the Appleton A301 features a powered core feed and automatic, air-powered cutting knife to automatically cut cores. The Appleton A301 also comes in manual and automatic core loading and it can be upgraded to Appleton Automation™

  • Simply Automated – Cores are automatically advanced, automatically cut. Operator needs only set the target length
  • Intelligent Control – The PLC control panel features push-button simplicity with an LCD screen that displays prompts and operator input. The PLC captures and displays run data and system status
  • Simplified Adjustment – Different core diameters require a simple change of the core mandrel. When core diameters change more frequently, Appleton's IDC (Instant Diameter Change) option will speed changeovers and improve productivity
  • Precise Cuts – The air-assisted fixed knife cuts to within +/-0.010 inch of the targeted length
  • Clean Cuts – The fixed knife of the A301 makes clean, burnished cuts while generating virtually no dust or noise – making for a superior cut, a quiet machine and a better work environment
  • Expandable – With its PLC intelligence, the A301 can be easily expanded with Automated Parent and Cut Core Handling, Auto-Indexing Knife and other options that free your operators for other tasks
  • Energy Saving – Every Appleton core cutter features an auto-shutoff that turns off the cutter when left unattended, eliminating unnecessary energy costs while minimizing wear on moving cutter parts. As always, workers are safer when unattended machinery is not running
  • Installation and Training – Professional installation and training services are readily available from skilled technicians with years of core cutter experience

Over 60 years of Superior Support

The Appleton A301 also comes with an outstanding promise of support. If you should need technical assistance, service or replacement parts, Appleton will be there for you. Appleton still provides parts and service for core cutters built over 60 years ago – you can be assured our tradition of superior support will bring long-term value to your Appleton core cutter investment.

Appleton - A DOUBLE E Company

Appleton A301 Core Cutter Specifications, Options & Upgradess


Parent Core Length Range

  • 5' to 14' (available in 1 foot increments)
  • Note that core diameters under 3" limit machine length

Core Diameter Range

  • 3" I.D. to 13" O.D.
  • With options, range can be expanded down to 1" I.D. or up to 26" O.D.

Wall Thickness

  • 1/4" to 5/8" (includes .660" cores).
  • With options, range can be expanded down to 1/8" and up to 3/4". For heavier walls, contact Appleton Mfg. Division.

Cut Length Range

  • Minimum cut determined by core integrity (typically equal to wall thickness)

Maximum Length

  • Reference standard cut length in chart under Layout tab
  • Note optional extended target for longer cut lengths

Cut Length Tolerance

  • +/-0.010"(3 sigma)


  • 3 phase electrical power. 15-25 amp circuit required depending on options
  • 80 psi plant air. 1 scfm @ 50 cuts/minute, (cut rate, operator and core dependent)


Stroke Limit: For core wall thickness below 1/4" (prevents expansion of thin wall core I.D.).

Extended Target: Permits cut core lengths up to extended cut length column in chart (see Layout tab).

Large Core Diameter: Extends diameter capacity up to 26" O.D.

Additional Support Rollers: Permits core diameters down to 1" I.D.

Control Key Lock-Out: Requires a key to power up the machine.

Knives: A variety of options that match the cut to your materials.

Electrical System Controls: Motor starters, control voltage transformers and power disconnects are included. Customer specified components or locations optional.


Auto Indexing Knife: Rotates the knife 3/16" on the circumference automatically at operator preset number of cuts. Provides 40 knife positions for uniform cut quality and extended blade life.

Digital Readout: LCD read-out of target position (cut length) for consistent settings between operators.

Patented IDC (Instant Diameter Change) Mandrel System: Appleton's patented IDC mandrel system provides a multiple core diameter capability with a single mandrel and interchangeable cartridges. See the Core Cutter Upgrades page for more details.

Automated Core Handling: Systems to load and unload your parent and cut cores. See our Appleton Automation™ page for more details.

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