Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Producer of Laminated Film Improves Efficiency with Standalone Triple Unwind Stand

Double E worked with a producer of laminated film used in the communications industry who had a situation where they needed a more efficient method for manufacturing a laminated film that consisted of five-layers. Originally, a three-layered material was being manufactured that only required three unwind stands feeding material into a nip section. However, the five-layered material was proving problematic since the entire production line needed to come to a complete stand still in order to move the material back onto two of the unwind stands so that the additional two layers could be added. This proved to be a very time consuming and costly process.

To solve this problem, Double E engineered a triple unwind roll stand that would replace one of the customer's single unwind stands on the bottom level of the production line. Double E was able to seamlessly incorporate the new stand using a single control panel with three Re EP.25 T-Onecontrollers. The stand incorporated six safety chucks, three DG-2000 aluminum bladder shafts, three Re Combiflex pneumatic brakes, and six Re TC load cells. This complete system would allow the material to run continuously without the need to shut down the machine, bring the material back into position and run it through a second time.

Double E aluminum rollers were added just outside the unwind stand to allow for an even feed while going through the nip section of the production line. These rollers were placed on brackets that would bolt onto the customer's machine. Now the customer has the ability to run the machine at an even pace without the hassle of shutting down production To re-ConFigure the machine. This will give the customer the ability to produce a consistent, high quality product but more importantly, this will provide them with a tremendous return on their investment.