Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Maker of High Pressure Rubber Hoses Upgrades Braiding Machine with Narrow Web Stands

Double E worked with one of the largest hose manufacturer in the world that offers high pressure rubber hoses with wire braided sleeves often seen on industrial machinery and high end automobile engines. The company had a situation where they needed a way to control the feed of the liner material that is fed between the wire braid and the internal rubber hose. The line speed is very slow, 3 FPM at .5 pli with a roll diameter of 24" on a 3"core. The material needed to be regulated to eliminate any distortion and provide a constant even tension throughout the production process.

Initially the customer was using a basic stub shaft, with no tension control, to unwind the material. A device had to be engineered that would be flexible enough to easily mount to the production line, provide the right amount of tension, and provide quick roll change. The solution was a stand that consisted of a strip chuck mounted on a safety chuck body and regulated by a pneumatic brake.

The first device created for the customer was a prototype that featured an SR-2000 chuck combined with a Re CX-200 pneumatic brake. This device worked well but the customer realized that they wanted the flexibility to manually adjust the tension of the slow, low tension liner material. The second prototype featured the same SR-2000 chuck but used a slipper clutch to manually control the tension. This combination was good for running the linear material on the outside of the brader machine but when the customer installed a second roll stand within the machine, to hold the internal rubber hose, they soon discovered that it was difficult to maneuver the air hose around to activate the strip chuck. The device was then modified with an LC-1000 latching roller chuck which worked by simply twisting the chuck to lock the core in place. This solution provided the customer with quick roll changes without the use of any tools. 

The customer has since expressed how pleased they are with their new CBA-1000 roll stand and decided to use this same latching roller chuck/slipper clutch configuration for the outside of the braiding machine to handle the liner material. Double E and the customer have since negotiated outfitting all of their braiding lines with this configuration since the line operators have communicated just how easy this system allows them to change out rolls and make the necessary adjustments to line tension.