Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Flexible Packaging Company Reduces Waste by Seeing Flaws Early with REvision II Systems

Last year the Double E Company worked with a customer that produces a variety of flexible packaging materials employed in the food, medical, industrial and chemical industries. This customer runs six different printing lines in its 70,000 square foot facility two of which are 8-color central impression type flexographic presses. These presses produce high quality process work at very high speeds. The customer was in dire need of a reliable, simple way to check print quality during the run, since the speed of the line makes checking manually virtually impossible.


Both of these flexographic presses had previously installed web vision systems. One used a five-year-old camera system manufactured by a company that has since gone out of business. Obtaining parts and support for this product was out of the question. The other flexographic press used a different web vision system that was complicated to run and required frequent, expensive repairs. The customer needed a simple, reliable web inspection system that would enable them to check print quality during the run.


Double E's solution to the customer's need for a simple, reliable web inspection system was the Re MH100 Web Vision System. The MH100 is particularly adapted for flexographic and rotogravure printing machines utilizing a CMOS sensor to obtain unmatched color accuracy and image quality. The easy split screen function allows the operators to make quick comparisons with excellent image quality. The automatic scanning also gives the operators the ability to regulate between split vertical, split horizontal, split vertical and horizontal or full screen. This gives the customer the ability to print at high speed and make adjustments quickly which reduces costly material waste.

Today this producer of flexible packaging materials is running at full capacity with minimal down time thanks in part to the Re MH100 Web Vision Systems. Since these systems were installed, both lines have been able to produce stunning products at full speed with very little material waste.


For more information about upgrading or installing high quality web inspection systems like the Re line of Web Vision Systems, please contact Double E Company, the exclusive distributor of Re products in North America.