Web Material Accumulators
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What Makes Double E Accumulators Different ?

Easy to operate festoon style material storage and dispensing with constant web tension.


The Double E accumulator delivers stored web material when part of a production process must come to a stop while the rest of the line continues to run.


Double E accumulators offer closed-loop tension control. This unique feature ensures consistent moving web tension during a manual splice. And only Double E provides the ability to accurately change material storage amounts on the fly.

Web material accumulator, festoon style

  • Constant, closed loop, web tension throughout the cycle. 
        Operates as its own tension zone by means of a servo driven infeed roller and an outfeed pneumatic dancer roller.
  • Material storage set or changed on the fly - easy to program material amounts.
  • Cycle can be started remotely or locally with the flip of a switch.
  • Alarms at user definable amounts of material.
  • Webbing position allows straight through web path.
  • Reduced energy consumption with sleep mode.
  • Easy integration of web guiding and inspection lamps. 
  • Touch panel with industry leading user options.
  • Safety interlocked guards with emergency stops.
  • Storage festoon height and speed controlled by servo motor.
Web Accumulator Model Types, Sizes, Capacities


  Wed Width Storage Capacity Design Tension
Model 200 <=90” 200 feet Up to 1.5 PLI  
Model 100 <=60” 100 feet Up to 2 PLI 
Model 5 <=30” 50 feet Up to 3 PLI

Double E Web Material Accumulator/Festoon in down positionDouble E Solis Web Material Accumulator/Festoon in up position

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