Slitting Stations and Modules
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Slitting sections in standard or fully customized configurations.

Easy drop-in modules to upgrade old slitting equipment or to add slitting to an existing converting process.

Retrofit slitting module with Mario Cotta Platinum model knife holders

Double E engineers can meet individual requirements for virutally any converting process in need of a slitting upgrade or addition. 


All modules feature high quality Mario Cotta knife holders


"Tiny" (Type 1) - Show in image above, top

"Gold" (Type 2) - Shown in image above, bottom

"Platinum" (Type 3) - Shown in image here, to left


Countless configurations and options are possible, including standard Fast Lane modules.

Slitting Modules - Fast Lane

Standard modules delivered in five weeks or less

Characteristics of slitting modules delivered quickly in Double E's Fast Lane program

Double E's Fast Lane slitting modules are high-quality pre-configured slitting stations at affordable prices – delivered in five weeks or less. They use standard components, customized to suit various web widths.


Accessory features include:


  • "Gold" Series Knife Holders – calibrated depth adjustment knob for consistent depth setup, three-position setup knob (red, yellow, green) for consistent side load, removable cartridge and guard for safe handling and operation.
  • "Expando" anvil with "Expandette" removable cutting ring in M2 steel - no regrinding.
  • Knife shaft – chromed and ground shaft, with h7 sliding fit tolerance.
"Lynx" Digital Positioning

Instead of using a tape measure to adjust slitter knife positions, the "Lynx" digital positioning system can be added to slitting modules as an optional upgrade.

Digitally assisted slitter positioning system from the Double E Company - Lynx model

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  • Slitting Stands and Unwind/Slit/Rewinders

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  • Pneumatic Knife Holders

    "Tiny" Series (Type 1),"Gold" Series (Type 2), and "Platinum" (Type 3) Series knife holders for optimum slitting performance; easy upgrade from existing holders.

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