PC-4000 Torque-Independent Core Chucks
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PC-4000 Pneumatic / Mechanical Core Chuck Components

Constant, reliable grip force (torque independent) on cores without slipping, regardless of torque magnitude or direction. The PC-4000 core chuck is easy and inexpensive to maintain. It allows quick-change between core sizes with slide-on adapters. Cores won't get stuck on the chuck because of positive lug retraction.


PC-1000 Core Chuck Diagram
  1. Large core adapter assembly
  2. Steel springs
  3. Gripping lugs
  4. Three-inch base chuck
  5. Piston chamber
  6. Adapter seal plate
PC-4000 Positive Grip (Torque Independent) Core Chuck

The PC-4000 pneumatic/mechanical torque independent core chuck is designed to deliver constant gripping force to any core material regardless of torque magnitude or direction. It operates with a minimum of operator intervention, and is typically designed for constant air supply to enhance grip reliability.

This core chuck offers maximum versatility in web tension control for modern unwind or rewind stands that feature non-conventional brake or drive systems. These systems can include surface drive, regenerative brakes, or turret systems that drive and then brake the roll. For machines with conventional braking and driving systems, consider the DF-2000 torque-activated core chuck.

The PC-4000 mechanical chuck incorporates most of its basic features from our proven pneumatic/mechanical lug shaft design. This design has been proven in the demanding high-speed printing industry for over 40 years.

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