Rails and Brackets
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Brackets and rails for mounting knife holders for slitting operations. Double E brackets and rails offer maximum knife holder stability, precision knife positioning, and various locking mechanisms.

GL Double Linear Bracket and Rail

GL Double Linear Bracket - Mario CottaGL Double Linear Rail - Mario Cotta

  • The bracket is made in steel. Linear bearings make slide movement perfect on the "GL" linear rail.
  • The bracket has a manual clamp and pinion gear. The pinion gear and rack on the linear rail allow accurate displacement. Double pneumatic brakes installed on the rail ensure a safe lock during operating mode.
  • Type "GL" linear rail with dual pneumatic clamps: code 45990-C****
Linear Bracket and Rail

Linear Bracket - Mario Cotta Slitting AccessoriesLinear Rail - Mario Cotta Slitting Accessories

  • 45 880 CA GOL D - Bracket with linear bearings carriage, displacement with rack and locking hand grip for positioning braking.
  • 45 910 CA 100 0 - Linear rail with double pneumatic brake and rack.
Rack and Pinion Bracket and Rail

Rack and Pinion Bracket - Mario Cotta SlittingRack and Pinion Rail - Mario Cotta Slitting

  • 45 880 ZA GOL D - Manual bracket with pinion for displacement on rack and locking hand grip.
  • 45 910 ZA 100 0 - Linear rail with rack.
Manual Bracket and Rail

Manual Dovetail Bracket - Mario CottaManual Dovetail Rail - Mario Cotta Slitting

  • 45 880 MB GOL D - Manual bracket with locking hand grip.
  • 45 910 MA 100 0 - Linear rail.

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