Circular Knives for Shear Slitting and Crush Cutting
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Circular knives / blades for pneumatic knife holders are offered in a range of steels. They allow fast material converting speeds while reducing maintenance costs and minimizing production dust.

Shear Slitting Applications

Circular Dished Knife

Circular Dished KnifeCircular Dished Knife - Product SpecificationsCircular Dished Knife - Sizes

Circular Flat Knife

Circular Flat KnifeCircular Flat Knife - Product SpecificationsCircular Flat Knife - Sizes

Crush Cutting Applications

Circular Score Cut Knife

Circular Score Cut Knife (Crush Cutting)Circular Score Cut Knife (Crush Cutting) - Product SpecificationsCircular Score Cut Knife (Crush Cutting) - Sizes

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