Bowed Rollers (Banana Rollers, Spreader Rollers)
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Bowed rollers (also known as banana rollers or spreader rollers) are used in the paper, film, foil, and textile industries to spread the web material uniformly in order to eliminate creases or wrinkles. In slitting operations, these rollers are used to prevent interweaving of material.


The standard fixed bow model with rubber cover is suitable for many applications, but variable bow and other models are also available.

Optimum spreading conditions for bowed rollers

Position of Bowed Roller (Spreader Roller) in Process
Wrap Angle of Bowed Roller

Proper positioning of bowed roller in process

A = Diameter of Bowed Roller

Bowed roller product specifications



Standard Bowed Roller Dimensions (in./mm)
Nominal Body Diameter
Minimal Body Length
Maximum Body Length
3in / 75mm
16in / 400mm
71in / 1800mm
3.5in / 85mm
16in / 400mm
95in / 2400mm
4in / 100mm
32in / 800mm
118in / 3200mm
5in / 120mm
32in / 800mm
158in / 4000mm
6in / 150mm
71in / 1800mm
197in / 5000mm

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