Appleton MDHS Programmable Core Cutters
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Appleton MDHS Core Cutter

Appleton's MDHS Core Cutter is a multiple diameter, high speed core cutter with advanced programming capabilities and features. The MDHS is offered in a number of custom configurations with a variety of features, it can also be upgraded to operate with Appleton Automation™

Chucked Core - The MDHS features a chucked core for cut length accuracy and two opposed knives providing rapid cutting even when a free wheeling blade is used.
Easy to Operate – The operator interface is menu driven - providing simple, easy to learn operations. Cut sets of varying lengths or batches of the same length are easily entered by the operator. The operator display is a large screen supported by function keys.
Quick Set-up - The MDHS.S and MDHS.M are both designed for quick change-over -- taking set-up time out of those short runs. Just change the chuck jaws and cutting pads for the new core internal diameter. A single adjustment prepares the core cutter for a new core outside diameter. If you are changing core I.D., a single fastener releases the cutting pads for easy swap-out.
Rugged Construction – The MDHS series of core cutters maintains Appleton's high standards for robust construction and durability. Constructed entirely in the U.S.A., the MDHS series of core cutters is built to last a lifetime.
Installation and Training – Professional installation and training services are readily available from skilled technicians with years of core cutter experience.

Over 60 years of Superior Support

The Appleton MDHS line also comes with an outstanding promise of support. If you should need technical assistance, service or replacement parts, Appleton will be there for you. Appleton still provides parts and service for core cutters built over 60 years ago – you can be assured our tradition of superior support will bring long-term value to your Appleton core cutter investment.

Appleton - A DOUBLE E Company

Appleton MDHS Core Cutter Line Specifications, Options & Upgradess



  • Parent core up to 98"
  • Walls from 0.100" to .750"
  • Diameters from from 1" to 8" O.D.


  • Parent core up to 124"
  • Walls from 0.100" to .750"
  • Diameters from 2" I.D. to 11" I.D.

Both Models


  • Air ~ 80psi
  • 3 phase electrical power. 15-25 amp circuit required depending on options


  • Phone Modem

Production Range

  • 4,000 to 8,000 cuts per hour with autoloading and cutting 3" I.D. x .100" wall cores. Production rates are dependent on diameter, wall, cut length and core construction


Automated Core Handling - Systems to load and unload your parent and cut cores. See our Appleton Automation™ web page for more details.

Printing System - Prints cut core length along core circumference.

Articulating Cut Core Accumulator Table - Trim and butt waste can be automatically separated from the cut cores. Cut cores can be discharged as they are cut, or accumulated for a single transfer to an accumulator table or conveyer. We can provide cut core handling systems with both side and end discharge to load bins and shafts.

Knife Lubrication System - Knife lubrication is available via a dual drip feed lubricator. The drip feed rate is individually adjustable for each knife.

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