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Double E's diverse capabilities make any type of slitting stand, station, or module possible. Integrated in-line slitting stands, trim units, drop-in retrofit modules, and even stand-alone slitter rewinders, and  are all possible. SPANISH NEEDED

Slitting Stands
  • Shear, crush, or razor configurations.
  • Patented “Expando” bottom knives allow refreshing of cutting surfaces without removing shaft from machine.
  • Integrated nip section – set knife shaft over-speed directly from driven nip.
  • Manual, semi-automatic, or automatic positioning for faster changeovers.
Slitting Stand Examples

Center Cut Slitting Stations

Double E center cut slitting station


This center cut slitting station was a unique design that was engineered for a commercial printer that needed a center slitting unit for their Xeikon digital printer.


This stand-alone station featured the Mario Cotta "Tiny" shear cut holder and the "Expando" style anvil with removable cutting edge.

Unwind / Slit / Rewinders or Unwind / Trim / Rewinders

Double E slitter rewinder      Double E Company unwind / trim / rewind machine                                                 

Drop-In Slitting Sations

Double E Company drop-in retrofit slitting station


Double E slitting stations are custom-built to the customer's exact needs and specifications to handle a variety of materials, web widths and slit widths. For more information about drop-in slitting stations, please see the dedicated page (Slitting Stations).

  • Shear, crush, or razor configurations
  • Designed to allow for future upgrades
  • Siemens motor drives and controls
  • Variety of mounting rail options – dovetail, rack & pinion, linear bearing
  • Non-Expanding or Expanding Knife Shafts with Multiple Anvil Clamping Options

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