Carbon Fiber Reel Spool Shafts
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Increase Productivity and Maximize Throughput

Double E has revolutionized reel spool technology by using carbon fiber as a housing material for tissue mill reel spools. The tremendous stiffness-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber reel spools delivers dramatically increased speeds over more-common steel reel spools.

  • Run heavier roll weights without changing hoisting requirements.
  • Load carrying capacity is equal to or greater than steel.
  • Carbon fiber housing allows faster critical speeds without increasing core size.
Carbon Fiber Expanding Reel Spool Shafts

HCRS-2000 (Hybrid Carbon Reel Spool)


Lightweight carbon fiber expanding reel spool shaft from the Double E Company


  • Proprietary carbon fiber and aluminum construction yields unmatched strength to weight ratio at a low cost.
  • Convenient air operation with dual valve activation to guarantee roll security.
  • High quality materials for exceptional performance and low maintenance.
  • Reduced deflection and minimized vibration.
  • Dual valve activation for fail-safe operation.
  • Low cost / best value.
  • Lower inertia.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Stronger than steel.
  • Faster critical speeds.
Carbon Fiber Non Expanding Reel Spools

CCRS-2000 (Coated Carbon Reel Spool)


Lightweight carbon fiber reel spool from the Double E Company


  • Rubber cover grips tissue for easy startup winding; behaves exactly the same as familiar rubber coated steel reel spools.
  • Easy replacement of existing steel reel spools.
  • Higher critical speeds for increased throughput (without changing to a larger core diameter).
  • Load capacity is equal or greater than steel; wind larger rolls without increasing hoisting requirements.
  • ​Lightweight carbon fiber housing

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