Aluminum idler roller from the Double E Company


Aluminum Rollers
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Extruded aluminum idler rollers for web processing applications. Live or dead shaft models available.

Important characteristics of Double E aluminum idler rollers
  • Various standard and custom coatings available, including polyurethane, rubber, felt, cork, silicone and plasma.
  • Possible surface treatments include anodization, hard anodization, hard chrome, and sandblasting, and grooving.
  • Load cell applications.
  • Barnished or zinc-coated journals.
  • Stub axles.
Aluminum Rollers

Extruded Aluminum Idler Rollers

Aluminum roller profileAll profiles configured as shown.
(6 arms with 60 degree center angles)
except for the 60mm profile
(8 arms with 45 degree center angles)

Aluminum roller extrusions from the Double E Company are available in a large number of diameters

Aluminum rollers are designed to provide low rotational inertia, with little deflection. This performance is accomplished with a unique aluminum extrusion that yields an excellent strength to weight ratio.


Live shaft models (with fixed journals) or dead shaft models (roller rotates with bearings on a fixed inner shaft) are both standard options.

Standard diameters for aluminum rollers range from 60 mm up to 200 mm, with lengths that can exceed 7000 mm. Rollers can be dynamically balanced and mechanically straightened to customer specifications, and they can be finished with various surface treatments and coatings. We offer a standard set of sizes, but custom manufacturing is possible.

Live Shaft Journal Characteristics

Aluminum roller live shaft journal characteristics - chart

Dead Shaft Header and Bearing Characteristics

Aluminum roller dead shaft journal characteristics - chart

Available Belt–Driven Engagements for Aluminum Rollers

V belt and flat belt engagements are available.

Belt driven engagements for aluminum rollers                                                                

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